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Media Capital Group - One of Europe's Top Internet Providers - Licenses Esaya's Toolbar and Popup Blocker
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NetZero and Juno Internet Services Offer TrueSwitch to Consumers to Make the Jump to its Value-Priced ISPs Easier
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Esaya, Inc. Launches its TrueSwitch Platform on iVillageAccess
New Subscribers will be able to switch to iVillageAccess easily
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Esaya, Inc. Signs Great Barrier Reef To Its TrueSwitch Platform
TrueSwitch Platform Gives ISPs the Ability to Provide Easy email-switching for Users
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AT&T Worldnet® Service Chooses Esaya’s TrueSwitch Platform To Migrate Customers From Other ISPs
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Esaya Launches ISP Account Migration Service
MSN First Major ISP to Deploy TrueSwitch Service
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ISPs Jostling for Restless Users
A comScore Networks report last week that suggests one in four Web surfers intends to switch Internet service providers in the next six months.
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PRWeb - 11/1/03
Pennline Internet Offers Consumers An Affordable, Streamlined Internet Service - TrueSwitch partnership eases subscribers move to Pennline
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Chicago Tribune - 6/19/03
Moving e-mail from AOL full of data hurdles
Use software called TrueSwitch that includes tools to move AOL material into Windows programs like Outlook Express 5.0
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Wired - 12/30/02
Switching Doesn't Have to Sting
Choosing an ISP or wireless service is like tattooing your sweetheart's name on your shoulder: seems like the right thing to do at the time, but you're probably in for serious regrets down the road...
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Yahoo! - 11/21/02
TrueSwitch Chooses ZEDO Ad Serving
ZEDO, Inc., a Third Generation Ad Serving(TM) Company, today announced that Esaya, the maker of TrueSwitch, has chosen ZEDO for its Internet ad serving needs...
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ISP Planet - 11/18/02
The Pitch to Switch
New switching tools makes changing Internet service providers easier than ever for the average residential users...
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Computerworld - 10/24/02
Microsoft, Disney team as MSN 8 debuts
MSN butterflies -- both cardboard cutouts and costumed actors -- dotted the paths around Central Park today as Microsoft Corp. launched the latest version of its MSN Internet service...
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MSN vs. AOL: Which 8 Is Greatest?
The MSN 8 upgrade, to be formally introduced next week in New York City by Bill Gates and Lenny Kravitz, is Microsoft's "most significant consumer launch of the year"...
More » - 10/16/02
SBC-Yahoo! to Aid Switchers
The two companies are deploying technology that will make it easier to switch by offering services such as automatic new address reminder notes and retention of preferences...
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At New York - 10/16/02
New ISP on the Block: iVillage
Look out America Online, MSN and United Online. Women-focused Web portal and media company iVillage (Quote, Company Info) is elbowing into the ISP game...
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Internet News - 7/17/02
Microsoft Targets AOL (Again) With MSN 8
Firing yet another salvo in its long-running war to win over AOL subscribers, Microsoft announced a buffed version of its MSN service...
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SBC-Yahoo! Push for More DSL Subscribers
Within the 13-state reach of SBC Communications, Inc. there is no question that the Yahoo! and SBC co-branding deal that was penned in June 2002 is in full marketing force.
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Wall Street Journal - 7/11/02
Enterprising Software Writers Tackle AOL Address Problem
Q: I would like to quit America Online and move to a more-standard Internet-service provider that will allow me to use Outlook Express for my e-mail.
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Business2.0 - 05/29/02
The Microsoft vs. AOL Battle Goes High-Tech
Not satisfied just relying on marketing to attract customers, MSN unveils a new technology that makes switching from AOL as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...
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E-Commerce Times - 05/22/02
MSN Aims To Seduce AOL Users
With TrueSwitch, consumers can set up e-mail forwarding from their AOL accounts to MSN and can send a message to everyone in their AOL address book informing them of the change...
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Computerworld - 05/21/02
TrueSwitch tool a key to MSN's fight with AOL
The tool behind Microsoft Corp.'s $10 million campaign to grab customers from rival America Online Inc. comes from a 12-person company in downtown New York...
More » - 05/21/02
MSN Expands Anti-AOL Campaign
Continuing its efforts to woo the subscribers of rival America Online, Microsoft Corp's MSN is upping the ante with a new $10 million ad campaign ...
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Washington Post - 05/21/02
Microsoft Aims To Hurry AOL Users To MSN
Microsoft Corp. is hoping that the only thing preventing many America Online subscribers from switching to its MSN Internet Access Service is ...
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